May God bless the poll workers and everyone else today. Election Day silly cartoon…


Thursday night groaner:


Old cartoon. Johnson’s fully recovered, by the way.


I work in a hospital. This is kinda true.

Maybe Hayes?

Personal protective equipment is becoming precious…

Pride pill piggies

Good luck:

Wee wee wee…

It’s good for you

Even non-observant fans will notice that Pete’s skin tone has changed. When I started this little comic a couple weeks ago I didn’t think everything through. I realized, however, after just a couple cartoons, that I wanted one of Grace & Pete to be non-white, to reflect our increasingly diverse world.

I was mad at myself and thought I was “stuck” with what I created. Then I thought. Wait a minute…I’m the creator! I can do whatever I want! So I made the change.

Hope you continue to enjoy the cartoon–I’m having a grand old time.

And I do believe, in a mysterious way, that laughter can heal us. But not leeches. Never leeches.


Maybe there’s an oil that can remove a country’s regret for electing the Donald?

June 4, 2015

6-4-15 semicolon - color

March 5, 2015

3-5-15 strokes - color

Just testing the waters with this pun…don’t want to make waves.