Every atom of your body is billions of years old. We are all old souls. Monday cartoon…

Call and response

There is much that can be and has been said about God throughout the centuries, some of it with a degree of certainty that strikes me as odd, or even arrogant. Some may think the imagined liturgy below swings the pendulum too far in the other direction. Fine. I see it as being comfortable with and welcoming to Mystery.

Sherlock neutrality

One scribble and one doodle. Happy Friday…

Da Bells

A classic cartoon from the archives. Head over to to read more about bell choirs–you know you want to!


True story.


Mystery is fine by me…

A canine consumer


This is one of my favorite cartoons. To me, the idea and the drawing work perfectly. I wasn’t sure sure this one really fit as a New Yorker cartoon but I submitted it anyway. It was politely returned. But I still like it!

Officer Funnypants


Dental mysteries baffle this gumshoe.


8-20-16 waffles

Still love reading Agatha Christie, all these years later.

A poem

mystery poem

Written after learning that a man I care about will soon die. My prayers for he and his family…