Talk to the tree

Know thyself. Or knot. 



I wish I knew…

Arbor Day Archive

Old cartoon with some added color. Fact: if you sniff between the bark plates on a Jeffrey pine you get a nice vanilla smell.


Oh, Janice…

New Yorker Rejection

10-22-15 - berther202

This is my first official rejection from The New Yorker. I submitted this cartoon way back in October of last year. So it appears their review time can take up to four months–wow!

I’ve submitted a couple others already and I’m trying to complete a batch of ten to send off at the same time. I think I’m better understanding the style and sense of humor they are looking for. We’ll see.

Anyway, this cartoon idea is a bit out of date…since we have pretty much moved into a new political season. But I still like it.



November 1, 2015

11-1-15 - levels - color

Reality is a bowl of soup.

July 24, 2014

7-24-14 countenance-1

A perceptive sister.

July 15, 2014

7-15-14 learning-1

I used to have to do this as a kid. I’m sure it didn’t hurt, but I didn’t like it!

July 12, 2014

7-12-14 ice cream-1

Artists are a neurotic bunch.