Cat weekend

Existential kitty:

A doodle of lament:

Two consumption doodles

When I was a kid we had a dog named Bonnie who regularly jumped over our fence seeking neighborhood adventure. If she happened upon a canine or feline road apple along the way she would pause for a quick snack. Her breath was delicious!

Rhymes with “ips”:

Pride pill piggies

Good luck:

Wee wee wee…

Decade doodles

Two doodles inspired by music from the 70’s and a book published in 1980. I was born in the Nixionian year of 1972.


A couple twitter inspired doodles…


Cartoon below and some thoughts on community and social media over at

Happy Sunday night…


Rejected New Yorker cartoon. I like this one.


This is most of us, I believe. But I may be projecting.


Maybe more so than some, Miss Marple.


Miss Marple refuses type-casting.