Tuesday morning cartoon…


Monday morning cartoon…


I’m sure there are, but, generally speaking…


Here’s another drawing of a pit bull that is hoping to find a new home, created for a local rescue organization. I enjoy doing these. Zoom in and you can see the patterns I used to darken her spots. This made the drawing more interesting for me.


The secret life of toilets:

Dog life

I really enjoy having a mostly lazy dog. Probably because I’m a mostly lazy human.

Here’s two captions to the same cartoon. Which do you prefer? Or suggest another.


Thursday morning cartoon…


The fine folks at blockheadbrigade and liveloveanimalrescue asked me to do some illustrations to draw attention to a few beautiful pit bull gals that need fostering/adopting.

This is the first, her name is Pixie Dust. We rescued a pit bull a couple months ago and have loved having him in the family.


Today’s prompt: Midnight

Cat urine is one of nature’s more odious aromas.

Palm puss

Today’s prompt: pompous

Cats are kinda…