What’s a non-triggering color? Burgundy?



Felt compelled to draw Mr. Floyd last night.

Empathy means imagining myself as a black man, never feeling completely safe while out in public.

Empathy means imagining myself as a black parent, having the heartbreaking task of educating my children that they, because of their skin color, have to be extra careful with their words and their actions, that they are second-class citizens in land of the free and the home of the brave.

Black Lives Matter is a thing because we keep acting as if black lives don’t matter. Find your empathy.


Old doodle I found while cleaning…

the power of stubble

Just a little pencil and watercolor doodling…

Parking rage


…except when it is. T-shirt/bumper sticker messaging is fun to play with. I really like how the drawing turned out on this one.

Officer Funnypants


Dental mysteries baffle this gumshoe.

March 13, 2016

3-13-16 trampoline

This cartoon almost went off the rails.

Valentine’s Day Archive

2-13-15 cupid fail - color

Here’s one from last year. I had a good idea for another Cupid idea but not the time to execute it. Next time…

Christmas Archives

12-12-14 pudding-1 - color

One of my ‘toons from last Christmas…