Good color cube thoughts

Add some yellow…

Old illustration:

Franklin Strikes Again

Less humor in these four cartoons and more opinion and commentary. I’ll always return to puns and wordplay, never fear. More thoughts and commentary (and cartoons) at

Beard of Glory

Today’s ‘toon below, and some thoughts on creating God in our own image over at



Here’s another New Yorker reject. I thought this was pretty funny.


Nothing ventured…


Blessed are the poor in pastries, for they shall be jelly-filled.


A wonderful weekend in Colorado with friends included a little bit of creating time.


Nothing brings a traditional congregation to attention faster than describing God as “Mother”. 😂  Happy Mum’s Day. 

February 10, 2016

2-10-16 ashes

Every once in awhile I wonder if I should post a cartoon I create. This is one of those times. Ash to…ash?