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They don’t ride up

One has to start somewhere…

Lent cartoon #1

It gets messy.



No room at The New Yorker inn for this cartoon. Rejected.

Sacrament suspicion

8-7-16 merlot

Here’s another rejected New Yorker cartoon from the batch of ten. I really liked this one. It could have been drawn better but I find the idea pretty funny.

June 5, 2016

6-5-16 liturgy


December 7, 2015

12-7-15 addvent - color

I couldn’t wait to draw this cartoon…

February 15, 2015

2-15-15 canon - color

My son mentioned, after seeing this cartoon, that whenever I draw a “holy man” he seems to be named “Father Frank.” With the season of Lent almost upon us there will be opportunity to supplement my clergy monikers.

By the way, another meaning for “canon” is a member of the clergy. Father Frank is a free spirit…

October 1, 2014

10-1-14 confession-1

We’ve all got something to confess…