Monday cartoon…


Sunday morning cartoon…


I’ve been learning the piano during COVID. The notes sometimes speak to me but I’ve not experienced this sort of keyboard kerfuffle.


Had a desire to draw a sheep, don’t know why. I think it turned out wooly nicely.


This was one of those middle of the night ideas (no pun intended) that struck me as amusing at 3 AM but may or may not work for others, or in the light of day. As I often say, I create for myself first and foremost, if anyone else finds enjoyment that’s a lovely bonus.

Happy Monday…


Old cartoon. Johnson’s fully recovered, by the way.

1, 2, 3

Just a quick and silly Tuesday night cartoon:


Tuesday diversion (old cartoon)

Renaissance Man

I was listening to a podcast that mentioned the word, “renaissance.” That got me thinking about the idea of the “renaissance man.” Then I started playing around with that phrase and attaching it to Mr. da Vinci.

The mind is a strange organ.

Masterpiece impeachment

This was fun to draw:

In light of current events, here’s a punny repost: