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New Yorker Rejection

2-16 adult onset (1)

Here is the first in a batch of ten cartoons that were politely declined by The New Yorker. I sent these back in mid-February, so the lag time has increased to five and a half months!

I have cartoon ideas that are time sensitive, based on current events, but those will never be seen until I have something accepted. At least that’s my supposition. Here’s how I think it works: submissions from cartoonists who have already been published in the magazine are viewed expeditiously–probably the more times you’ve gotten in the more likely the editors are to check out new work. The rest of us toil in obscurity, hoping to strike gold five months after the cartoon has been created!

I like this particular cartoon and thought it might have a chance. But now you get to enjoy it!

Stay tuned for nine more of these in the coming days…

January 17, 2015

1-17-15 turn down - color

Credit to my younger brother for this idea–well done!

August 17, 2014

8-17-14 challenge-1

People respond to these fads in different ways…