The word prompt for Mother’s Day was “Christmas.” Had to get creative.

Only 229 more shopping days…

Faces of Christmas

Here’s an old cartoon that I like.


Sometimes when I can’t sleep I finish cartoons in the middle of the night.

He knows…

The Knucklehead List is worse than the Naughty List, in case you were wondering.

Negotiator needed


Give generously.

Fat Santa: A New List


I know a lot of people on that list. Fat Santa was enjoyable to draw.

Holiday Lineup


This was fun to draw. Inspired by Gary Larson, of course.

Christmas Archives

12-12-14 pudding-1 - color

One of my ‘toons from last Christmas…

December 23, 2014

12-23-14 socks and underwear010 - color

The older I get the more I appreciate the gift of socks and underwear for Christmas. As a kid? Not so much.

December 8, 2014

12-8-14 mistletoe-color

That Santa is a good storyteller.