As a frontline healthcare worker I received the vaccine yesterday. Grateful. As we roll into 2021 I hope the vaccine doesn’t get A) politicized, and/or B ) turned into a tool for fear-mongering conspiracy theorists.

Side note #1: mild headache, sore arm, dry mouth. And a developing third nipple.

Side note #2: I don’t think Mitch needs the vaccine. I’m fairly certain he’s not human.


C’mon Santa! Saturday cartoon…


The word prompt for Mother’s Day was “Christmas.” Had to get creative.

Only 229 more shopping days…

Faces of Christmas

Here’s an old cartoon that I like.


Sometimes when I can’t sleep I finish cartoons in the middle of the night.

He knows…

The Knucklehead List is worse than the Naughty List, in case you were wondering.

Negotiator needed


Give generously.

Fat Santa: A New List


I know a lot of people on that list. Fat Santa was enjoyable to draw.

Holiday Lineup


This was fun to draw. Inspired by Gary Larson, of course.

Christmas Archives

12-12-14 pudding-1 - color

One of my ‘toons from last Christmas…