Coming Monday…

If only that would actually shut him up.

This one is…

…extra sharp. 

Of no accord

If only it was just a story about NBA ref Billy Crystal…

Mixed messages

As if the cat cares…


One earth. Let’s not allow the greedy and short-sighted to win the day. 

There’s an app for that…


The New Yorker slept on this one, as well.

April 28, 2016

4-27-16 drink


April 20, 2016

4-20-16 confession

Hello, again. Sorry for the lengthy absence. I got out of the cartoon rhythm and had a difficult time relocating the groove. Also, I’m transitioning to a digital drawing tablet and need to make some computer upgrades to facilitate that new reality. Hope to be up and operational with that within a couple weeks.

The above cartoon came as a result of finishing Norris’s book, Amazing Grace, which I recommend if you are spiritually minded. This is an actual quote about her husband that amused me. I’ve come to “see” the line between logic and mystery as a beautiful, blurry mess. To me, this is essential for mature belief.

September 1, 2015

9-1-15 - data - color