Good boy?

Physical touch. It’s not just for canines.


Perhaps the most ridiculous cartoon I’ve ever done.

Sadness confession

Grief needs sharing. It’s a gift to be sad together.

What a difference a day makes?

Pillow talk

I don’t often laugh at my own stuff but this really amuses me.

Piano and cigarettes

Here’s a couple of New Yorker rejects that I never shared:

Take a number

Sad cartoon below. More commentary over at


A silly cartoon is below…you can read more about it over at

Do so!

Bicycles built for…

Some stupid bicycle cartoons! Visit for more…

I’m partial to the toucan one. How about you?

Cartoon challenge

Read about the challenge I gave myself to come up with this cartoon idea, and the creative process that ensued, here:

And sign up over there!

Unwanted seasoning…