Hey, that’s the same guy from the cartoon about the Bike Barn. He peddles shoes, too.


So said Louis Pasteur, who was vaccinated for Christmas.

Black eye Friday

Full-contact sport.

First time

Don’t choke, blue stripe.

Special order

With a “p”.


As long as they don’t start stocking toemato…

Cartoon upgrade

12-27-14 returns013 - color

Above is the original version of this two-year old cartoon. Below is an upgraded copy, incorporating some of the things I’ve slowly learned in the past 24 months. It’s fun to do this when I have a little time…




It’s always interesting to me to play around with different drawing styles. Wordplay and puns don’t seem to change, however…

Honey hair

7-16-16 honey comb

I could talk about comb overs for hours but I don’t want to drone on…

May 11, 2016

5-11-16 supermarket

He’s batting 1.000!