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Words are hard. You can do it, Bob.

Twitter ninjas

Twitter is excellent for this:

Posted yesterday. Ninjas probably aren’t too keen on Tuesdays either.

Attention cat power

One of our primary emotional needs is for attention. We’ll seek it wherever we can find it. Social media is uniquely set up to meet this need.

Inspired by Cat Power’s “Colors and the Kids,” which is very evocative for me. I could do little drawings for each phrase in this song. Maybe I will.


A couple twitter inspired doodles…

Bob and Janice

A Bob and Janice cartoon below. More of these two here:

Happy sixth day of the week…


Cartoon below and some thoughts on community and social media over at

Happy Sunday night…


You might win the battle, but not the war.


The Instagram effect.


Self-righteous book snob.


The curse of high definition…and forgetting your filters.