The eye

Was messing about with digital oils and ended up with this. Kind of looked like the cover of a 50’s SciFi novel, so I gave it an ominous title.


The ants marveled at their good fortune while Richard didn’t think anything at all.


Thursday trinity.

Tree of light

This started with the doodling of one triangle. What a delight it is to create.

McArthur Benty

He feels strongly about this…


Thursday creation…


I caution anyone from associating too much meaning to my cartoons. Often, I simply start doodling and see where things go. In this case, I drew an abstract circle and then started manipulating its shape. It became what looked like a flame of fire to me. The rest followed. Happy Friday…


Thursday morning whimsical doodle,,,


As is. That’s pretty good news.

Shelf space

Today’s prompt: mug