Masterpiece impeachment

This was fun to draw:

In light of current events, here’s a punny repost:

Presidential wordplay

Cartoon below and more thoughts on impeachment and tea over at DoodleJesus.com


My experience.

Post-Christmas tense cartoon


Here’s one of a few I submitted to The New Yorker in November. It seems they are backlogged with submissions, again. I haven’t heard anything.

But it’s well past the season now so no harm in sharing it. I’ve started to submit to another publication called The American Bystander. Stay tuned…

Look what I drew, Drew



The living room

8-15-16 sectarian

Here’s another New Yorker leftover. Throw enough mud at the wall and perhaps something will eventually stick. 🙂

April 7, 2015

4-8-15 braces - color

Gums of Navarone.