More texting…

Maybe you’re harder than you think, Terry.

Inauthentic punctuation

How many unnecessary exclamation points are used? Too many to count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personal hot spot

Signal strength: excellent

There’s an app for that


Here’s one of two seasonal cartoons The New Yorker didn’t want as their Valentine.

Note: I admit that when I was creating this I thought “wherefore” meant “where”, as in location. My wonderful mom informed me that it is the archaic way of asking “why?” Hmm. It still works…

Core choices


Here’s another one our friends at The New Yorker rejected.

There’s an app for that…


The New Yorker slept on this one, as well.

Saturday diagram

7-2016 Diagram

May 25, 2016

5-26-16 symbols

I really like this idea.

October 2, 2015

10-2-15 - GIF - color

This completes, for now, a few cartoons using computer/tech language. Tomorrow it’s another soccer cartoon and then I might venture into car terminology. Exciting, I know.