Words are hard.



Always so much in the news to poke fun at…

REM-ember to groan

I listened to REM’s “Green” album over and over again one weekend in high school while working on art projects. Could probably still sing it all…

Foghat fan

Created this while watching reruns of the The Office last night. Season 3.

A giant and his dog

I suppose they could move from state to state rather quickly…


The story of my life.

Another book

Almost as good as the best-seller, Put on a Jacket.


When I was teaching my son to drive I referred to the speed bumps in the mall as “velocity mounds.” Sounded very refined.

Saturday morning lyft…

Observation: people seem to have very strong feeling about Lyft and Uber.

Squeezing in some reading

9-1-16 circumstances

Well…most of the time?

Here’s another one a certain magazine relegated to coach.