Very thoughtful of Pete.



This started out with just a few splotches of digital watercolor and went from there. Fun…


So enjoyable to create, especially when one starts out with no end in mind.

Coming Monday…

If only that would actually shut him up.


Rejected by the New Yorker. 😩

Not a summer-time cartoon

Cold shoulder coming…

Of no accord

If only it was just a story about NBA ref Billy Crystal…

Weather forecast


Fun to draw Pooh and Piglet. Tigger is off-panel, preparing to BOUNCE Trump.

Big Guys are useful


Here’s another New Yorker rejection no longer in the dark. They must not be getting as many submissions these days. I received a steady stream of “no’s” to my latest batch of cartoons in only a month’s time. 🙂

November 29, 2014

11-29-14 molar vortex-1

I have no self-control when it comes to eating candy. I’ll power through a box of Hot Tamales in about 15 minutes. Thankfully I’m endowed with super-strength enamel.