Cannonball Golf

Tuesday ‘toons…


Here’s a stupid cartoon that makes me laugh. You can read some more (not-so-deep) thoughts on feminism by heading over to DoodleJesus.com

You’ll be glad you did…


“You got the A, the B, the C and the D. That’s the biggest.” –Frank Costanza

A woman…

…marching in her mind.

Movie musing

Haven’t seen the flick but the wife says it’s good.

International Women’s Day

Sharing a little humor and being thankful for all the wonderful women in my life.



Welcome to the new world


It’s a couple days early for this cartoon but let’s all enjoy it anyway.

December 29, 2014

12-29-14 body016 - color

Both statements are true here…

October 21, 2014

10-21-14 change-1

Disruption incoming.