Ride or die and…

Wednesday is the apex of the workweek. It’s all downhill from here… 🙂

This next doodle is about something we all want, but something we all withhold from others. Why is that?


Vacuum salad

Thursday is the day after Wednesday. Happy Thursday…


A much tamer post than yesterday. Cartoon below and more cartoons and commentary over at

Happy Wednesday! Go get some exercise…

Cartoon challenge

Read about the challenge I gave myself to come up with this cartoon idea, and the creative process that ensued, here:

And sign up over there!


First drawing in Procreate with new Apple Pencil. Gonna like this.


Acceptance is a beautiful thing. 

Blinky, Pinky, Inky & Sighed

Video games are for lovers. 

Action > Thought

Do good.

Helen knows

It’s good to see Helen again.


Baffling and beautiful.