Cartoon challenge

Read about the challenge I gave myself to come up with this cartoon idea, and the creative process that ensued, here:

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First drawing in Procreate with new Apple Pencil. Gonna like this.


Acceptance is a beautiful thing. 

Blinky, Pinky, Inky & Sighed

Video games are for lovers. 

Action > Thought

Do good.

Helen knows

It’s good to see Helen again.


Baffling and beautiful.

Dinner options


How many couples are getting engaged tonight? Another rejected New Yorker cartoon.

There’s an app for that


Here’s one of two seasonal cartoons The New Yorker didn’t want as their Valentine.

Note: I admit that when I was creating this I thought “wherefore” meant “where”, as in location. My wonderful mom informed me that it is the archaic way of asking “why?” Hmm. It still works…

Something else for today

whatever happens

I’m really enjoying using this Monoprice tablet. I feel like I’m painting and/or using colored pencils or pastels… ¬†Drew this and then matched it up with a wonderful quote from Mr. Wendell Berry’s poem.