Philosophical messaging

Two new unrelated doodles. I heart Fridays…


Deep thoughts

A couple more doodles to brighten your day…


Breathe, Grace, breathe.


Bad idea; Grace.


Mystery is fine by me…


I wish I knew…


It’s tough being a glass of water.

Reading choices


So many books…

Same-day surgery?

8-9-16 doubt

Here’s the third in a batch of ten cartoons submitted in February that were rejected by The New Yorker magazine. I was pleased with both the idea and the drawing with this one.

Seven more to come–stay tuned!

January 16, 2016

1-16-16 passive battle - color

My kind of non-violent resistance.

Today is my 44th birthday and I’m still learning how to be at peace with not being “productive”. Like a lot of people in this country I bear a sort of unconscious, Calvinist guilt that often keeps me moving even when I don’t need to be. Here’s to doing more of “nothing” in the year to come…cheers!