This is Richard Rohr’s list, originally created for men’s retreats. Five truths we must become awake to in order to truly “grow up.” Any hardship or trial is an invitation to remember these realities.


I’m a 9: The Peacemaker, though I’m drawn to both 4 and 5, as well.

1, 2, 3

Just a quick and silly Tuesday night cartoon:


This is our wonderful rescue dog, Debo, and an example of the psychological torture my wife visits upon him at meal time.


Good for all…


Probably not.

Self finder

Freedom to be oneself is the greatest gift.

Song from The National inspired this one:

Ride or die and…

Wednesday is the apex of the workweek. It’s all downhill from here… 🙂

This next doodle is about something we all want, but something we all withhold from others. Why is that?

Deep thoughts

A couple more doodles to brighten your day…


I’m more Grace than Pete on this one.