Here are a couple of old paintings I created back when I used to make time for such things. Kinda miss it, kinda don’t.


Back after a little hiatus. Sometimes I’m just not feeling it when it comes to creating. I like this drawing…

Just a face…

Playing around with what I can do with this program. Found myself without my stylus so did this with my index finger. A new kind of finger painting. Fun.

May 9, 2016

5-9-16 colorful

One of the freeing aspects to having this drawing tablet is the ability to sit down, doodle with no expectations, see what happens and then easily save it and share it without the hassle of transferring the creation from sketch book to computer.

I enjoy scribbling away and then seeing what kind of story I can pull from the image.

Whiteouts in color?

12-5-14 reconnect-color

I don’t have Photoshop but a smart person pointed me to which is a free download that looks like it will work pretty well. Color opens up all sorts of possibilities…this is fun!