Whiteouts in color?

12-5-14 reconnect-color

I don’t have Photoshop but a smart person pointed me to paint.net which is a free download that looks like it will work pretty well. Color opens up all sorts of possibilities…this is fun!



  1. Colour definitely makes a big difference. I use GIMP which is similar to photoshop & also free http://gimp.org
    I used paint.net for a while but prefer GIMP. It has a great range of features & can do so many things that I’ve still not yet discovered.,


      1. Paint.net is easier to learn I thought. GIMP is a lot more complicated to learn to use but there are lots of GIMP tutorials on Youtube which have helped me a lot. I just plodded away learning a bit at a time. I’m still finding out better ways to do things after I’ve been doing them the harder way for several years


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