Much better than their 2006 attempt.


That didn’t take long.

Left one

I’ve reached the stage of life that requires eyebrow maintenance. My barber volunteers to trim them when I get a haircut but I’ve found she cuts them so short that I now politely refuse her offer. She pretends to be offended, and I think perhaps she is a bit. Who am I to claim more knowledge of how the eyebrow should be trimmed? But I hold my ground and then go home and do a slightly less lousy job of it myself.

Cat weekend

Existential kitty:

A doodle of lament:


Cemetery doodle:

Immigration arms

It’s a bugaboo.

Another form of questioning:

Open mic crap

Seems to me we’ve all got enough of our own. Time to offload?

Creatively stringing words and phrases together is entertaining for me:


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Death and Homework

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Dear diary…

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