Fake views

The best part of making these gallery cartoons is creating the background “paintings.” Not too shabby.

Movie musing

Haven’t seen the flick but the wife says it’s good.


There’s probably a form for that.


Time to update the company WiFi…


It never takes long…

Mount Trumpmore


Honestly getting a bit bored with piling on The Donald. It’s too easy. Do like the style of this cartoon, however.

Cartoon upgrade

12-27-14 returns013 - color

Above is the original version of this two-year old cartoon. Below is an upgraded copy, incorporating some of the things I’ve slowly learned in the past 24 months. It’s fun to do this when I have a little time…


Negotiator needed


Give generously.


6-28-16 important

It’s probably one of the reasons. Sorry for the lengthy absence. I wish I could say I’ve been busy drawing cartoons for The New Yorker, but I haven’t. Just been in one of those unmotivated, Sunday-afternoon-nap fugues, I guess.

June 9, 2016 & The New Yorker

6-9-16 timberlake

One would think that Mr. Timberlake could command more than six million. His agent must take–what–a quarter pound of that?

On another note…I’ve been doubling down on my New Yorker cartoon submissions. Since that is my cartooning goal I’m putting more time into thinking up and creating drawings I think will have a chance of acceptance. That means less whiteouts.

Of course when their rejections catch up with the pace of my submissions (about a four month lag time) you’ll see a lot more of those cartoons here. 😉