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Anchoring creation, one’s self and one’s theology in the goodness of Genesis 1 rather than the negative of Genesis 3 sure makes a difference.

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When you are not scared, you can dance.

Introvert salvation

PSA for introverts and extroverts alike:

My theology is very close to universalism but human freedom means the opportunity of an eternal “no” is available (if insisted upon):

Random doodle Jesus job

Started with a squiggle and went from there…

And a couple options for Mr. Jesus:


Sometimes the bumps in the road are other people we run over. Poor Pete.

For theology nerds

Aristotle and Aquinas’ angels.

Action > Thought

Do good.

Reading Material

Haven’t done a Trump cartoon in a bit…

I’m a Hobbesist

8-30-16 calvinist

A welcome break from New Yorker cartoons…