When you are not scared, you can dance.


Wednesday morning meditation…


We’re always so sure we’re right…


I’m a 9: The Peacemaker, though I’m drawn to both 4 and 5, as well.


For the liturgically minded. 2020 really has been…

Good book

Tuesday night literature investigation


Tuesday diversion (old cartoon)

One or the other

I was on the right as a pastor…


Not as powerful a phrase as “forsaken me,” but timely. For those of us that claim some type of connection with or sense of God in our lives (however that is defined), perhaps we can all recall instances of feeling abandoned or separated. Working in the hospital at this strange time I hear this feeling expressed by patients and families. Patients feel locked away in their rooms and family members can’t bridge the chasm keeping away visitors. Faith is a help that many turn to, and those of us who are able to be present have the privilege of showing up, making things a little less lonely, and hopefully are conduits of divine Love and Light.


Different isn’t always bad.