Sadness confession

Grief needs sharing. It’s a gift to be sad together.

What a difference a day makes?


Immigration arms

It’s a bugaboo.

Another form of questioning:

Hearts and necks

One is good for you, one is not.

Poor Beverly:

Jesus, Trump, cat

Had the idea to put some of the words attributed to Jesus from Luke’s gospel—with one edit—into the mouth of Mr. Trump. Yikes.

And something a little less frightening:

Chili cheese mainline justice

A Monday morning triple. Have a jolly week…

Plant jail

Something a little different to start off, and then an invitation to freedom.

On the spectrum

New doodle below and some brief thoughts over at…happy Sunday!


Cartoon below and more thoughts, including a recommendation to a timely podcast episode over at

Sunday Identity

Which pew works for you?

Head over to for commentary on this cartoon.


Here’s another New Yorker reject. I thought this was pretty funny.