December 6, 2014

12-6-14 rain dear-color

This cartoon was a bit more apropos before our recent storms…hope we get a lot more.

Trying out a new size here as I continue to explore what works best. I’ll post in color as often as I have the time to. I’m pursuing publication in print…keep your fingers crossed for me!



  1. Here in Australia Christmas is in the middle of summer yet for some reason most businesses & people in general still push the winter Christmas theme. I just don’t get it???


    1. It’s the never-ending worship of nostalgia, Tony, or an “idea” of what Christmas should be. I live in southern California so even in winter it’s still plenty balmy. And yet everyone starts breaking out the scarves and gloves and listening to Bing Crosby croon about chestnuts and fires…we can’t help ourselves.


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