November 19, 2015

11-19-15 carpaltunnel - color

Happy birthday to my wonderful wife, who not only puts up with my jokes and puns, but sometimes even pretends they are funny.


  1. Let’s hope you don’t have to lose an arm (or leg) telling those jokes. 😛 Do you see yourself as a Billy Crystal, Jerry Seinfeld or Mel Brooks? Who would be your humor style? Or, do you consider yourself an original?


    1. Writing Bolt: interesting question. I’m sure my humor is a potpourri of countless influences over the years, from my own father and Mad magazine, to the slapstick of The Marx Brothers and The Three Stooges, to The Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes, as well as the fine folks you mentioned. Hopefully it adds up to something somewhat original but I know I’m often derivative.


      1. Oh year…Duck Soup. It’s hard to picture the Stooges using puns. I never got into M.A.D. much but have been told I resemble the mascot.

        The Far Side is a lil out there, sometimes. I love the artistry and youth of Calvin and Hobbes.

        Have you read Pearls Before Swine?


      2. Believe it or not I have not actually read Pearls Before Swine much. A few folks who have liked my comic have told me that the wordplay reminds them of Pastis’s work. I’ll take the compliment and would certainly love to have his success someday…


      3. I wasn’t a fan of his drawing style at first. But, he has a sort of self-deprecating humor (reminiscent of Conan O’Brien) that makes me smile. I usually like his Ellie the Elephant strips and groan at his lengthy punchline puns (the ones in which he appears in the last panel with his characters ready to slay him).


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