I kinda liked this one and thought it might have a chance. The New Yorker disagreed. How shellfish of them.

5 thoughts on “Another misunderstanding

  1. If you made it about a guy texting “mussel beaches” and being led astray due to today’s widespread spelling deficiency, or Siri coming up with the wrong answer from a voice command, it might reach a wider audience.


      1. Two panels, first one with muscley guy hunched over a smartphone, thumbs furiously working, the words “mussel beach” on the screen, second screen with his shoulders sagging in defeat from behind as he beholds a beach strewn with shellfish.


      2. That could work. But the way I did it leaves the possibility open that that already happened. We don’t know how he got there. Could be Siri, could have been a weight-lifting friend playing a joke on him…or maybe he’s just a ripped guy who has a taste for mussels.


  2. The inability to spell is the crux of the joke, otherwise he would have figured it all out long before he got there. I’m hoping the New Yorker just isn’t in the mood to punch down at uneducated body builders these days.

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