Another misunderstanding


I kinda liked this one and thought it might have a chance. The New Yorker disagreed. How shellfish of them.


  1. If you made it about a guy texting “mussel beaches” and being led astray due to today’s widespread spelling deficiency, or Siri coming up with the wrong answer from a voice command, it might reach a wider audience.


      1. Two panels, first one with muscley guy hunched over a smartphone, thumbs furiously working, the words “mussel beach” on the screen, second screen with his shoulders sagging in defeat from behind as he beholds a beach strewn with shellfish.


      2. That could work. But the way I did it leaves the possibility open that that already happened. We don’t know how he got there. Could be Siri, could have been a weight-lifting friend playing a joke on him…or maybe he’s just a ripped guy who has a taste for mussels.


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