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3-13-15 pork - color

Here’s one from last March. I enjoy a good pulled pork sandwich.

I’d like to see a short reality series featuring Hillary, Bernie, The Donald and Ted, seated around a table eating messy food. (Each episode featuring a different item.) The catch is they cannot talk about politics. They have to talk about their favorite music, childhood pets, smart phones apps, etc.


  1. I’d suggest something similar with Trump’s daughter Ivanka not being able to use her typical stiff, business-like dialogue…but that’s like asking her to stop breathing. I am sure four politicians could spend time not discussing politics. But, why would people watch that? Oh wait. Let’s get a few more in the group and do a remake of Friends with all political figures. 😛 Or, get people dressed as dead presidents to do the same. We’ll have Abe Lincoln and Molly Pitcher dating other people until they realize they are both lobsters (in love).

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